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High-quality respiratory equipment approved by the CDC NIOSH N95 certification
You can rely on Nitta for providing high-quality respiratory equipment
We've been proudly manufacturing high-quality respiratory equipment for the past 35 years and are certified and approved by international health organizations. Our quality control process is among the best in the industry.

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Our Products

Specialized attention and sales for institutions, businesses and state agencys.

Nitta is a leader in engineering and manufacturing respiratory equipment.

  • We meets and exceeds the CDC NIOSH N95 certification using a modern quality control system such as ISO 13485.
  • Nitta respirators are certified to meet and exceed national standards and are trusted by industrial workers, doctors, hospitals, and first responders.
  • Our respirators prevent the inhalation of potentially harmful contaminants.

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    Our Products

    The Nitta Respirator gives an excellent fit and seal to any type of face, helping to prevent the glasses from fogging. Perfect for users who must wear permanently glasses.

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    NIOSH N95 Facemask Respirators

    NITTA N95 respirator is perfect for all of those who have to protect their respiratory system from harmful contaminants.

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    Facemask Respirators With Valve

    NITTA N95 with valve provide comfortable, reliable worker respiratory protection. It is ideally suited for hot/dusty work settings that require long periods of wear.
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    Activated Carbon Facemask Respirators

    NITTA Activated Carbon respirator is a great choice for particle protection where oils, nuisance level odors and/or vapors are present.

    Why Nitta

    Protecting the World with Quality, Safety and Comfort

    More than 35 years in the market

    We have over 35 years of specialized experience in the manufacturing of N95 respirators. Our focus is exclusively on respiratory protection, which makes us specialists on the subject.

    Pioneers in Latin America

    We are the first Colombian company and pioneer in Latin America in the manufacture of Maintenance Free Respirators under the NIOSH N95 certification.

    NIOSH Certified

    We have our own Technical Laboratory specialized in the analyzes required by NIOSH to produce N95 respirators. Trust and excellence in our products

    Clients in more than 10 countries

    We are continuously growing our international market focusing primarily on our business relationship with our clients.

    Office in the USA

    We recently opened an office in Chicago, IL with the purpose of improving our international businesses in North America and provide the experience that you deserve.

    Our research and development department

    Are continuously seeking to innovate/update our product, which will guarantee the protection and the quality that the user deserves.

    Who We Are

    Protecting Life with Innovation. We Take Your Well-Being Seriously.

    Trajectory and Experience

    For more than 35 years, we seek to satisfy the wishes and expectations of our Customers and Commercial Allies through the production and commercialization of Facemask for respiratory protection. For this we have a human team, cutting edge technology and superior raw materials, which allows us to direct our efforts to be the largest exporters in the region.

    High Quality Products

    NITTA Respirators are special to take care of the health of the respiratory tract of all those who are in the Medical, Mining and other industries.
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