facemask Home Respiradores Nitta negroMore than 35 years protecting the health of your respiration NITTA Respirators are special to take care of the respiratory health of all those who are in the Medical, Mining and other industries. facemask Home telfacemask Home mail
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We appreciate your trust in choosing us as your face mask supplier. Therefore, we need to inform you that our NITTA products are being counterfeited and there is a price-gouging; the retail price is $3,755 COP. Contact us directly if you have questions or concerns at +57 317 640 3066 (Bogota, Colombia) or email servicioalcliente@nitta.com.co for more information.

facemask Home Fondo respiradoresfacemask Home IniciorespiradorblancoULTRASOUND SEAL Hermetic seal that guarantees safety, protection and rigidity allowing comfort. VALVE It facilitates the exit of humid and hot air giving greater durability and comfort. TSI N95 Stamp TSI number designated to respirators that passed quality tests. ADJUSTMENT BANDS Hypoallergenic elastic, does not produce allergies. Gives a proper fit and seal against the face. ANTI-COLLAPSE POINT The fabrics are fused by ultrasound, preventing them from adhering to the face. NOSE CLIP Which molds perfectly to any nose bridge. facemask Home bandas respirador nittafacemask Home sellos n95 nittafacemask Home sellado ultrasonido nittafacemask Home punto anticolapsamiento nittafacemask Home nariguera nittafacemask Home valvula nitta
Pioneers in Latin America with TSI Laboratory


NITTA Respirators are special to take care of the respiratory health of all those who are in the Medical, Mining, and other industries.
More than 35 years protecting the health of your respiration
About Us
At NITTA we care about your health. That is why we want to provide you with the most important information in these uncertain times.
Agradecemos su confianza por escogernos como su proveedor de mascarillas y por ende estamos en la obligación de informarle que NITTA S.A. advierte que nuestros productos están siendo falsificados y que personas inescrupulosas están tratando de suplantarnos para realizar negocios a nuestro nombre y recaudar dineros sin nuestra autorización. Comunícate directamente con nosotros si tienes dudas o preguntas.
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For more than 35 years we have been seeking to satisfy the wishes and expectations of our clients through the innovative production and commercialization of N95 maintenance-free respirators. For this, we have the staff, equipment, and finest raw materials, which allows us to direct our efforts to be the most important exporter of facemask respirators worldwide.

Our Respirators have the highest levels of quality, innovation, and international certifications, such as approval by The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). Unlike other brands that
offer various personal protection products, we have focused exclusively on respiratory protection, which makes us specialists on the subject.

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NITTA S.A. is the first Colombian company and pioneer in Latin America in the manufacture of Respirators under the N95 certification, and during this 35 years of experience, we have been prioritizing on having the highest quality standards in each of our parts and process that manufactures our NITTA Respirators.

We have our own Technical Laboratory, which is certified and specialized in the tests required by the entity NIOSH. Also, we have a Research and Development Department, where they permanently work on the innovation and development of our Respirator and thus guarantee the protection and quality that the user deserves.
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Commercializing nationally and internationally
Commercial allies
If you want to become a Commercial Ally, do not hesitate to contact us.
Meet our Commercial Allies, who are authorized to sell our NITTA N95 Respirators to all those who need it.


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More than 35 years protecting the health of your respiration


At NITTA S.A. we are always interested on listening you. Therefore, if you have any concerns, questions or suggestions please contact us. NITTA will be happy to help you.
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